Birmingham 2022 Festival – The Creative City

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Arts 50 Alive Intergenerational Network is delighted to be participating in the Birmingham 2022 Festival – The Creative City project. This is taking place to celebrate the Commonwealth Games that are being held this year in Birmingham. Birmingham City Council are generously support-ing us with the project and the Birmingham 2022 Festival is also helping us to deliver “Brummie Born or Bred”.


We have been holding creative art sessions designed to show how we are in fact – “Brummie Born or Bred”. During these sessions, people of all ages living in the local community have been helping to create 3 pieces of artwork that will demonstrate and highlight their feelings about living in the City of Birmingham. Workshops have been held at local community venues in the South of Birmingham and will also include the Northfield and Kings Norton Beaches during July and August.


After the artwork is completed a display of all the murals created will be held in local community venues – dates and venues will be publicised shortly and there will also be an exhibition at the premises of Northfield Art Forum in Grosvenor Shopping Centre from 23rd August until 15th September.


At the same time as the Creative City “Brummie Born and Bred” art project, there has been another project involving young people training as community journalists and talking to older people about their experience of living in Birmingham and their feelings about the Commonwealth Games. This is the Legacy “We made Birmingham” project – led by Birmingham Voluntary Services Council and funded by Birmingham City Council. Arts 50 Alive has teamed up with Northfield Art Forum to carry out interviews with local groups and residents and you will find some of these stories on our web site here.